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Once a school has joined SPaRCE, they receive various pieces of meteorological equipment. The equipment includes, but is not limited to: rain gauges, max/min thermometers, sling psychrometers, and disposable cameras.  We will soon have pictures and descriptions of each piece of equipment, as well as instructions for use and care.

SPaRCE Educational Materials

When schools join SPaRCE, we provide them with the information that they need to participate in our project.  We provide our schools a series of educational workbooks and videos to help teachers and  students better understand the weather and climate of their region. These materials also teach them the importance of properly siting  their rain gauges (which are also provided by SPaRCE at no cost to  our participants) and proper maintenance of the equipment.  After schools start recording data and mailing their data sheets to SPaRCE, we provide more educational materials and instrumentation.
Workbook #1 (294 KB)

Exceptional Multimedia Files

Andrew Shiro from Ngaraard Elementary School (Koror, Palau) has sent us a tape of his
students singing traditional songs, interviewing each other about environmental issues, and reading essays.  We have made this tape into a series of WAV files for you to learn more about
Palau, Ngaraard Elementary School, and SPaRCE.  The files are rather large,
so keep that in mind while they are loading.
intro.wav  3.58 MB
anthem.wav  3.31 MB
drought.wav  1.10 MB
elnino.wav  4.86 MB
goodwx.wav  1.47 MB
students1.wav  3.04 MB
students2.wav  3.95 MB

Environmental Information Sheets

These brief, easy to download fact sheets tell you everything you need to know about various environmental issues.
We should have these posted soon, but until then, check out the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's web page on
global warming.

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