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General Pacific Information
Pacific Islands Internet Resources
Micronesia Zone!
Local Time: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Internet Guide to the Marshall Islands

Information Concerning Pacific Climate/Weather/Research
Pacific ENSO Applications Center
Flinders Institute for Atmospheric and Marine Sciences, Flinders University
Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS)
CSIRO:  Division of Atmospheric Research
Pacific Climate Information System
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Climate Prediction Center
NOAA/OGP: El Nino and Southern Oscillation Page
Tropical Prediction Center/ National Hurricane Center
Common Questions about Climate Change
FAQ: Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Tropical Cyclones
JPL's EL Nino/La Nina Page
Surface Reference Data Center

Information About Educational Programs in the Pacific
Pacific Regional Educational Laboratory
The JASON Project
The GLOBE Program
Ponape Agriculture and Trade School
Home School Zone:  Educational Resources

More El Nino Links!
El Nino is the hot topic when it comes to weather and climate these
days.  The following are some links to other web pages that provide
various info about the ENSO phenomenon.  More to come....
ENSO Colloquium
Societal Aspects of Weather
The 1997/1998 ENSO Multimedia Archive
Current ENSO research
ENSO page by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology

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